Navigate treacherous waters, conquer the unknown, and survive the ultimate test of piracy

A mobile survival game where players navigate a deserted island, gather resources, and craft tools to survive against various challenges. Players must explore the island, fend off hostile creatures, and construct shelters to endure and eventually escape the island


Frequently Asked Questions on Last Pirate: Island Survival Game

What is the objective of Last Pirate: Island Survival?

The objective is to survive on a perilous island after your ship is wrecked. You'll need to gather resources, build shelter, craft tools, and fight off enemies to stay alive. Explore the island's secrets, uncover hidden treasures, and maybe even find your lost crewmates!

How do I control my character in the game?

Last Pirate: Island Survival uses a tap-to-move and tap-to-attack control scheme. Simply tap where you want your character to move, and tap on enemies to attack them.

What are the first things I should do in the game?

Focus on your immediate survival. Gather basic resources like wood and stone to build a fire and craft tools. Look for food and water sources to stay healthy. As you progress, you can build a shelter, craft weapons and armor, and explore the island for more advanced resources.

What kind of enemies will I encounter?

The island is teeming with dangers! You'll face wild animals, undead creatures like zombies and skeletons, and maybe even other survivors who aren't so friendly.

How do I craft items in the game?

As you gather resources, you'll unlock new craftable items in the crafting menu. Simply select the item you want to craft and ensure you have the necessary materials. You can craft weapons, tools, armor, shelter components, and more!

Can I build a base or shelter?

Absolutely! Building a safe haven is crucial for survival. You can gather materials and construct a sturdy shelter to protect yourself from the elements and nighttime dangers.

What are some secrets to surviving on the island?

Stay vigilant! The island is full of surprises, so keep an eye out for hidden resources and treasure chests. Don't forget to explore different areas – you might discover hidden coves or caves with valuable supplies.

Are there any friendly characters on the island?

You might encounter other survivors on your journey. Be cautious, as some may be hostile, but others could become valuable allies.

Can I escape the island?

That's the ultimate goal! While the game focuses on survival, there may be clues or secrets scattered around the island that could help you find a way to escape.

Is Last Pirate: Island Survival free to play?

The game is free to play with in-app purchases available for optional items.

What devices is Last Pirate: Island Survival available on?

The game is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Can I get more tips and tricks for the game?

For additional strategies and community discussions, search online forums and communities dedicated to Last Pirate: Island Survival. You can also find helpful video walkthroughs on platforms like YouTube.


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